My name is Ryan Pilkington. I am a Fashion Design and Textiles student at Huddersfield University and this is my blog!I have set up my label Ryan Pilkington earlier this year (July 2014). My aspirations? There are two. The first is to have my own boutique stores where my designs will be sold. The second is bigger. It's to become my own designer label that leads in women's fashion in the UK and globally. 

I have loved fashion for a long time, since childhood. For some reason I have always loved the idea that with fashion you can be who you want to be and express yourself how you want. You can be yourself! This becomes even more true when you can make your own clothes. I would always sketch models in different looks and watch TV shows about fashion and when I left school I decided to take this further. I studied Fashion Design at RCAT college where I learned to use industrial machinery and create various garments. Feeling more confident about my design and garment making skills I went on to university where I am currently.

I am also an active member of JCI Sheffield where I attend local, national  and international events such as trainings, social networking and community events. You can find out more about JCI Sheffield at www.jcisheffield.org.uk. Here you can also find events that you can attend and find some of my blog posts about Networking and Time Management Training!

Enjoy the blog!