Thursday, 18 September 2014

Head 2 Toe Knits


It's fall and winter time again and that means it's time to start digging out your long lost knitted loves again! For many fall and winter 2014 collections designers focused on knitwear as their major texture and they didn't go about it shyly! Ill be showing you the designers that love wool this season and some top tips for wearing al wool!

                            "Love wool this season" 

Now, knitwear can be big, bulky and frankly quite unflattering but designers had created skirts, dresses and tailored trousers showing that head to toe wool is completely possible and even fashionable! Designers such as CĂ©line, Acne and Sonia Rykiel have created look that really are lovely.

Top tip: Don't wear too many tick layers of wool. Look for a mixture of thicknesses, Tops and trousers want to be thinner wools and jackets etc want to be thicker. Mix them for a look that makes heads turn and is still flattering!

Top tip: Simple is key! Dont overdo on the wools. This will add bulk and make you look bigger. Wear key wool items such as a skirt, top and wool socks for a fun, wool look that simple, minimalist and stylish!

Top tip: Designers this season looked to keep all the rolls the same colour. My favourite being all black as its chic, flattering and mysterious. Keep the colours neutral for a more understated look. Khaki, cream and black being key choices.

What do you think to this trend for fall/winter? Love it or hate it? Comment below and let me know! Remember to follow the blog too and never miss a post again! Thank you! Remember to "Always Be Classic" ! 

Bye until next time!