Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hi everyone!

How many social media platforms do you use? What's your favourite?

Social media has become a fundamental and revolutionary shift in the way we connect, communicate and share with our friends, work colleagues and family. I love been able to develop and grow both professionally and personally. A couple of weeks ago I attended a 3 day, 3 module social media for business training called Digital High Street at The Source in Sheffield. I loved this training and learnt so much from it that I wanted to further develop my knowledge of social media.

I was told about an online training course on Living Social called Social Media Mastery. This course consists of 59 module including 10 modules of homework. This training was amazing. I learnt so much more and I feel much more confident using social media for my business! Only £22 too instead of £200+ ! The training course focuses on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The three largest social media platforms available. The training gives tips, advice, websites, videos and more all in aid to make you have a bigger impact online!

If you love  social media, love developing yourself and being better then this is definitely the training course for you! Bring on the tweeting!

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Remember! "Always Be Classic"!