Monday, 5 January 2015

A Top Parka

With the snow, wind and bitterness in the air during the winter months it's fair to say that you need a good coat to see you through the weather patterns of September through until January.

A parka to me is a coat that will never diminish in style. Never tire and will always remain a staple in mens and women fashion. As a recent christmas gift I received this parka coat from Topman! I love the detail. The coat first of all if made out of a water proof fabric meaning it can brace all of the UK's mad weather consisting of rain, wind, snow, sun and even the odd hail! 

Inside this coat is filled with a lining and a gilet of faux fur adding body, warmth and comfort to the garment. This faux fur then continues to fill the inside of the hood which it's self if completed with a fully detachable fur trim! Amazing. 

With a range of body styles Topman have included a secret line of elastic inside the internal workings of the coat meaning men can have the coat as fitted or as loose as they please! It looks as though Topman's design team have also taken a leaf from SuperDry's fashion book with the sleeves. Inside the sleeves are elasticated cuffs much like the sleeves of a Windcheater from SuperDry! 

This a stunning coat and one that I will wear everywhere!