Friday, 6 March 2015

Sewing Forward

It's always nice to see yourself improving. Right? Right. I love the fact that with my job, as a designer, I physically see my self improve and develop each time I create a garment.  This could be in various forms. From pattern cutting, how quick I make the pattern etc. It could be how I pin and cut out the fabric pieces quicker. But more than most I am seeing myself improve on the actual garment manufacture side.

As those of you who read the blog religiously, and I hope that is all of you, will know I recently bought a brand new sewing machine. For those who don't know I'll bring you up to speed. I've purchased a Singer Heavy Duty 4432 machine. The reason behind this upgrade is because of the fact of how I want my brand and my experience to develop. I had a vintage sewing machine for a few years and I purchased it off Ebay. Don't get me wrong, it was a fab machine but it was coming to that point where things had to be redone and more and more time was being spent trying to get the machine to do things correctly. So after seeing the Singer in John Lewis many many times I decided to finally purchase it. It's fair to say that this machine has been put through it's paces since it's arrival. 

Like I said in the first bit I have seen my self develop within the garment manufacture side of my job. I have seen my garments, especially the one I have literally 30 mins ago finished is the best thing I've made to date. Along with two other agreements in my collection. I've learnt so much about garment manufacture, machinery, sewing machine feet and fabric since starting up my business last year. Much more than university have taught me. No disrespect to my tutors of course. This year has allowed me to focus on the part of my job that I needed to develop in and that has happened and is still developing. 

I can't wait to take all of my new found skills and techniques through to my final year garment manufacture. 

The tutors won't recognise me, 

Although they will recognise my garments because my name is on the label. 

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