Sunday, 17 June 2012

Me and My Machine

Today I thought that I would try to construct a basic candy print top to compliment one of the already made looks for my Candy Beach fashion show at Rcat Collage. After cutting the fabric out right and thinking carefully about his to sew it together my machine decided to be an ass. The stitching is dodgy, it unthreaded, snaps and gets knotted frequently. All I wanted was to have less things to do tomorrow so that I can calm just a little fraction. But no. It seems that it is impossible for me to do any work from home and will be staying at collage for another hour or so more than I already have been doing for the past week or so. I'm being tested right now. Although, I did get to sew some of my candy coloured gems on to my 50's style dress. At least that's one thing.