Saturday, 14 July 2012

Camo !

Urban Outfitters, River Island and Topman. All of these stores are following the latest trend for men's and women's wear. camouflage ! I recently purchased a vintage camouflage jacket from Urban Outfitters after looking at it on the website and after much deliberation I decided that yes I would wear it more than once and no, I wouldn't hate it after a few days. The jacket I now have it amazing and is probably my favourite jacket I own. With big zip pockets on the chest it can hold almost anything of a decent size (phone, money, wallet, sunglasses you name it this jacket will carry it for you). This trend for me isn't an easy one to follow. its difficult to make the jacket not look like its a costume from last years Halloween party. but, with the right clothes and the right accessories this jacket will do you proud. my tip, don't go full head to toe military style with your look when you wear this. I choose to wear mine with super skinny jeans (preferably my black ones to help add a young urban edge, it will also balance out the bagginess of the jacket) and i choose to wear mine with a good fitted check shirt. of any colour. this adds a both smart and casual vibe to the overall look. I like to add either military boots or sneakers/pumps to finish off the basic look. If your wanting a more interesting eclectic look then add layered gold necklaces which feature things such as dog tags, leather, keys, guns basically anything that can be related to military. This will then imitate the urban military clothing.  definitely a trend to follow this summer (British summer !) and Autumn.