Thursday, 23 August 2012

University Projects Already !! Panic Now

I went on holiday for a week around 2 weeks ago and when I returned what I didn't expect to find was a letter from Huddersfield University telling me that I have made it in (woo!) and I have 2 projects to do over the summer. This means that I have 4 weeks to do 2 complete projects ! My initial reaction was oh good Ive got in and then the sheer panic hit me because of the time scale. The first project is a garment making one. The garment has to coincide with a trend that's happening right now. I chose to create a utility inspired dress with a peter pan collar and small silver spike studs. I chose this because the technical side of the garment isn't too difficult so that it wouldn't take longer than 4 weeks to make but still interesting enough for them to look at it and think "yeah we made a good choice with you". The second project is a sketch book project. I have to find a garment and take it apart and record what I find. Not difficult but time consuming. So much for a relaxing summer. So far so good but I just wish I had known about these project sooner so then I could have had a week or two before I actually go to university for a little relaxing. At least all this work gives me a major excuse for all night partying. Dempsey's here I come.