Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fashion & MusicThat Refelcts My Life Right Now

Whether we know it or not our fashion and the music we listen to reflects our mood and where we are in our lives. For example, if you are feeling down, tired and lonely then you would probably wear something colourless and simple while listening to "all by myself" like in Bridget Jones Diaries. My life has changed a lot the past couple of weeks or months. I am going to study fashion and textiles at Huddersfield University, I go out every weekend....oh, and I have a boyfriend. I have noticed that my style has taken on a more revealing* and more almost romantic look (*well to be honest I wasn't exactly wearing baggy jumpers everyday before). I have made it my mission to always look my best when he See's me, never in something really baggy. Always in something sexy like my super skinny black jeans and a printed t-shirt from Hollister that fits amazing on my arms. I want to make sure he likes the way I look but still making sure that I am being who I am.

Represents my boyfriends
 t-shirt he will give me.
Here are some images of some t-shirts and music that reflect my life now. I will explain it all now. There is an image of a Lady Gaga t-shirt here because she is my favourite singer and me and my boyfriend are going to see her in Manchester at The Born This Way Ball (Sept 11th). There is an image of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album cover on here because he sometimes calls me his teenage dream which also links in with the skin tight jeans that's here too. I'm always wearing something sexy and skin tight jeans are a must for that look. If you are wondering why this links in with Katy perry here's a lyric "gonna get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight". There is an image of an "i love you" t-shirt on here because, well its simple isn't it. That's my life through printed t-shirts and music right now. 

Represents the first
drink he bought me
when we met.