Friday, 7 September 2012

One Foot In Extreme

Footwear is something we all love. If you are having a bad day or feel bad then one thing that can always make you feel better is finding that perfect pair of shoes that fit perfect and look stunning on you. Some women like to find shoes that are simple, understated and that pair of shoes that she can wear over and over again for different occasions. Then some women prefer to find that pair of shoes that will look stunning and so shocking that everyone in the room will turn around and stare as she walks past them and over to the cocktail bar. These shoes may cost the earth but having that one moment happen over and over again every weekend or everytime she wears them is so worth it to her. Here I have posted some extreme shoes. some are more simple shocking and some take it to the edges os extreme and insane. Enjoy. What do you think ? Are they worth slashing the cash on ?