Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fashions Gone Gaga

Since her arrival on the music and fashion scene she has changed the faces of both. That's right I'm talking about Lady Gaga or "Mother Monster" to her fans. Fashion has changed so much since her arrival. People are being more fearless and are taking more interesting twists on the big trends. Even I have started being more interesting with my style by wearing lots of jewellery and contradicting my look. For example I may wear a jumper and shorts together. Why not. If you wanna wear couture to the airport then why not, if you wanna have two tone hair then why not, go for it. Be who you are and wear what feels right and always express yourself since you were "born this way". Fact. The thing I like most about her style would be either the fact that she is always seen in heels and the higher the better, for example the "armadillo" shoe by Alexander McQueen. Or the fact that sometimes she would wear something random or sometimes hardly anything at all. Spikes, leather, denim and heels as high as the sky are what this style is all about ! Stud one of your jackets like I have, put on a piece of jewellery or a top that your parents don't like (I have lots of jewellery that my mum would love to destroy, I wear it anyway). Be confident in what you wear and how you look. If you don't like how you look one day then so what, tomorrow is another day. Paws up. My only question you have your outfit sorted for The Born This Way Ball ? I know I do. The only thing is, we little monsters know exactly what to do when it comes to Gaga fashion.

Here are some images of fashion that I think help reflect the Mother Monster style.

A studded denim jacket. They are a lot of work if you are studding it yourself and your fingers get slightly sore but it will look awesome when its all finished.

Top your look off with the world first black perfume. Gaga. Lady Gaga. Fame. Its as black as the soul of fame itself and will make you smell "like an expensive hooker",  I personally own a bottle of this and it smells amazing !

Black skinny jeans and heels. Classic. Enough said.

I would also like to thank Rebecca Hearn on for bookmarking this blog. Thank you. Paws Up !