Sunday, 18 November 2012


We all have our own personal signature when it comes to style. It could be a style of garment, an era or it could be a logo or image we like to incorporate in to our style. We may not all know this but we all have one, some more obvious than others. For example my personal signature and hopefully soon to be my brand/label logo in the future is the cross. I'm not religious at all but I like the shape, the mood and the urban meets gothic trends that a cross always hits. It's something that is universal. Male or female the cross always works.

Then there are are people who use a style of garment as their signature. For example, the cowl neck top. This style can't be found too often anymore but if the style suits you then why change it just because its a little off trend or off season. I personally like the cowl neck style but it doesn't suit me so I stay clear of it, but I know someone that their style and signature is the cowl and it suits them perfectly. I find it interesting how they haven't changed anything style wise with the new trends or new seasons and would prefer to stick to what they know and like. I think they're signature look, if I had to describe in a few words, is quite The Wanted in winter.

Some people use era's as a signature. People choose an era that they click with, for example the 1950's, 1940's are key era's that never seem to go out of style because of how universal they are trend and seasons wise. I love a little bit if vintage style and I like the idea of modernising vintage. Cath Kidston meets this mark. Everything is very vintage but modern. You can never go wrong with the classic 1950's style.

This signature may change over time, it may completely change to something new because of where we are in our life's, age, money and our style may completely change with it. The key is to try to preserve our individual signature style and try not to completely forget who we are while our life's are changing. Evolve your style every so often and add new things to your signature that may enhance it.