Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weddings !!!

It seems to me that its wedding season. My latest project at university is a Bridal Competition project. When we found out everyone was thinking and saying ooooh. I think everyone had very similar dress designs in their head when this was announced and then they added a twist. Our designs have to be based on an artist. Then everyone thought oh no. My mind raced through artists and designers I could use. This decision would be the most important, the artist you choose could make or break your designs. I like the cartoonish look of Katy Perry and the 1950's style of Marina & The Diamonds so the artist Roy Lichenstien seemed right. The work is pop art and has a 1950's look to them. Perfect. So far I have done my mood board complete with artwork, designers, fabrics and ribbons. I have done all of my designs too. So far so good. I just have to pick a dress that would make any girl say "I do". 💍