Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Action !

Costume and fashion go hand in hand. Costume designers have one the most important roles when creating a movie or tv show. The costumes show what the characters personality is like, what they like, what they don't like, their life style and their age. Costume designers also look at history when creating. They look at past trends and historical fashion to be sure that the costumes are historically accurate. This helps make sure the scene feels authentic and looks right. For example, for Queen Elizabeth the designers looked at the old artwork of the queen to help recreate the dresses worn in the images. Creating a really authentic image.

Even in stage shows the costumes are one of the biggest factors for telling the story. The costumes must fit the scene or their wise the story will make little sense and the scene will be ruined. For example, pantomimes are known for being very extravagant and loud so the costumes must suit this criteria. The designer wouldn't design a plain boring suit to go in a pantomime. It wouldn't fit in.

The V&A Hollywood Costume exhibition is amazing if you want to see some of Hollywoods most famous costumes from Marilyn Monroe, Titanic and The Wizard Of Oz and many many more. Be sure to visit it's well worth it.

We all liked to dress up when we were little but who knew now much work went into creating the costumes !