Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Winter Proof

With all of the snow, cold, ice and wind it's hard to still look great while also trying to stay warm so here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay winter proof the fashionable way.

Layering! It's simple but affective. Try wearing a t-shirt or check shirt under your jumper for an added layer which looks office chic and geek chic. Try wearing boot socks. An added pair of socks can make all the difference when walking in and out of train stations on a winter day. Jackets. I own a good amount of jackets and I constantly layer them up to keep me warm on my uni days. I love to layer my denim jacket over the top of my black knitted cardigan. The clash of the fabrics looks great and also keeps we nice and warm all day. I like to pair this with one or two printed t-shirts to create a causal layer of warmth.

There are a few short sleeved coats out there too. This may seem odd but invest in a short sleeved or three quarter sleeved coat. This gives you the opportunity to try out long leather gloves. Pairing long leather gloves with a short sleeved coat looks great in winter epically with skinny jeans and leather boots. This type of look could even be seen on the winter runways. Keep heels chunky, this means you are a little more stable when treading over the ice and snow but cam still look fantastic.

Beanie hats! Cute and warm you can't go wrong. Wear a printed beanie hat with a smart coat such as a trench or military coat, them team this with killer heels and super skinny jeans for a causal cute winter look. Try a colourful lip colour too to add a little more colour to your winter days.