Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Baggy Leather

Leather. It's something that springs to mind when we think of super sexy, modern, cheeky and hot fashion. In the past years, leather has made it's way into dresses, jackets and skinnies but now it's all about baggy leather trousers. Odd I know but with celebrities like Cheryl, Jessie J and Rihanna seen wearing them then you know baggy leather is now sexy. So give your super skinny trousers and jeans a break and bring on the loose bottoms !

Balmain, the masters of leather, had sent down multiple pairs of baggy leather trousers down the spring and summer 2013 runways. They look amazing with a slogan t-shirt for day time and for night team them up with a fitted jacket. But always wear them with heels! If you wear them with flats you can appear frumpy and short. Not flattering at all. You could even try wearing your trousers with a metallic or sequinned top to add a luxe glamour feel to your look. If your looking for a more tough look then wear yours with laced up military boots and khaki colours for an amazing army chic style.

If your loving this trend but hate the price tags for leather then try Asos and eBay for vintage purse-friendly leather !

This trend can even work for men! With designers creating baggy leather trousers in their menswear collections for spring and summer 2013. For men, keep to printed t-shirts and great high tops from Nike or some amazing military boots. OverAll this trend is a winner with both men and women. It's simple and looks stunning.