Sunday, 6 January 2013

They'll Scratch Your Eyes Out

Beauty and fashion they go together like a horse and carriage. A team that can't be beaten. Beauty is something everyone craves and I have recently been thrown into the beauty world. I've been introduced to the greatness that is Clinique. My skin has never looked better. Designers look at the finer details of their shows nowadays than ever before. Shows are bigger and the details are finer. Fashion isn't about just what you wear, it's about your head to toe look. Right down to your finger tips. Nails are becoming one of the most major details that designers are looking at to finish of their runway looks. With endless possibilities its easy to see why designers love nail art and nail sculptures.

The 2013 runways featured bright, colourful and funky geometric prints and patterns from designers such as Mui Mui and Prada. Nail technicians set to work on creating amazing geometric nail art. The geometric nails featured below are designed by Sophie Harris-Greenslade. I love the extravagant nail sculptures that she created, like this amazing peacock sculpture shown below. The peacock is built entirely out of acrylic powders in blue, black, green and gold this has to be one of my favourite nail designs I've seen. Wow. An amazing brand that I have been advised to look at is Nazila. They are known for creating fantastic 3D nail art and "bringing out the diva in others". They have been featured in Scratch Magazine (the forum for nail professionals) and have created nails for celebrities such as Katy Perry and Rihanna. I researched the brand online and they sell extravagant nail wraps (shown below) to suit everyone's individual style.

The nail industry is one of the main areas to be growing within beauty and many hair salon are turning to extending there business to cover this exciting market. The nail market is attract people from all walks of life and a recent friend of main restarted and completed their training to set up their own business Gsters Nails which is mobile nail solutions in South Yorkshire UK.
Featured below are some images of nails done by Gareth Carson of Gsters Nails. I love the French tips with a diamanté smile line. Classic with a twist.

Always remember to sparkle to the tip !