Saturday, 5 January 2013

Oggle My Specs !

People who wear glasses know how important it that they suit your face and that they feel comfy. They also need to look stylish. You want a pair of glasses that you will enjoy wearing. There is a website called Oggle My Specs ( ). They have some amazing glasses. Their glasses range from "quirky and fun to sexy" meaning that you will always find a pair that suit your personal style. One of the bigger glasses trends are vintage 1950's looking frames, Oggle My Specs have many various types of vintage frames so that you can go from having a slight vintage look to being completely retro.

I always find that glasses are expensive and most people can't afford new glasses. Oggle My Specs have amazing prices. I couldn't believe that I could get a new pair of glasses for £30 ! There are even frames on Sale. Wow. With the fantastic frames and unbelievable prices you can't go wrong. Now there are frames for every budget. I'm defiantly buying my next pair of glasses from here.

One of my favourite features that they do is the Look Book on the website. This shows you what the trends are in glasses fashion for both men and women. They also show you how they look on the models. I love the idea of being able to view a trend so that you can always find what types of frames or the type of look you are going for with your glasses. I've worn glasses for around 4 years and I can definitely say that this website is great for finding a new style. They can even turn glasses in to sunglasses. Meaning you can have a great frame you love and have it as a pair of sunglasses too.

Oggle My Specs also support SAFE@LAST. Which is a great children's charity that helps children that have runaway from home and are vulnerable in SouthYorkshire.

Be sure to check Oggle My Specs out on Facebook and Twitter too. If you have any questions you can send them an email at