Friday, 4 January 2013

God Bless America

This all American pop songstress is full of style. Lana Del Rey formally Elizabeth Woolridge Grant has a look and sounds like no one else. Her style and her music have strong influences from the 1950's and Americana. Her debut album "Born To Die" debuted at number one as did the single of the same name. Lana Del Rey created her own songs and music videos and posted them on YouTube before being signed to a major label. Songs included Video Games and Blue Jeans which were remastered and included on the debut album. She is even the face of H&M.

Her style is soft but edgy. When I think of Lana Del Rey I think of all American prints, big hair, red lips and delicate dresses. Her style is stunning. Her whole look is surrounded by the idea of being all American and the 1950's look. The urban America is shown in her Converse sneakers and the classic clean America shown in the waves of her hair. Her style matches her music perfectly. A classic white shirt and faded blue denim jeans are a staple for creating an all American look like Lana's. Then top this off with red lips and a pair of heels or a pair of Converse. Easily done from day to day. At Christmas I got a limited edition album by her called God Bless America this featured classic songs and snippets like "happy birthday mr president" from her own music videos. The album is amazing and creates a certain image of how America was in the 1950's and 1960's, classic and pretty but with hidden danger and lust. This is how I would describe her overall look. Classic with a hint of lust. I can't wait to see how this singer-songwriter develops her style and her music. Till then God Bless America.