Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Walk A Mile In His Shoes

Christian Louboutin is one of my favourite designers out there. His shoes are known for being ultra sexy, edgy, high and of course known for having the signature red sole (that he used a red nail polish for on his designs ! This was the start of the signature red we know today.) I believe that women must have a pair of high heels in their wardrobe. They make women feel sexy and empowered. A shoe can also make or break an outfit so it's important that your shoes are the finishing touch that pulls your entire outfit together and makes people go "wow" when they look at your feet. So this is where Christian Louboutin steps in.

The shoes he creates are ground breaking (Inventing the toe cleavage) trend setting and adored by celebrities. It's not hard to see why. Each shoe stunning but mad with some shoes made to look like animal paws! Studs, spikes, plastic, fur and tassels! What else will louboutin create? How will the face of high heels change? Only louboutin knows. But we all know one thing, they're bound to be amazing.