Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I See You

Sheer. It's cheeky, tempting and sexy. Designers love using daring materials in clothing so sheer fabric is often used in many collections. Erdem didn't disappoint this season with their usage. They designed sheer beaded dressed with white garments underneath to hide the models dignity. With sheer being thin and obviously see through its the perfect summer fabric. If your going on a hot summer holiday this year then sheer garments are the way to go. Now, not all women are likely to walk out of their houses with just their pants, bra and a sheer dress on so here are some high street ideas so you can still wear sheer, but a little more conservatively.

Wear a black sheer blouses over a black vest. This is a good idea if your quite modest but still like the see through idea. A good tip is a black form fitting vest with a black sheer blouse. This would also work for the office so you know you can still be sexy in the work place. If you want to be a little more daring then why not place your black sheer blouse over a plain black bra. This look has been seen before and never disappoints. Daring and sexy. If your wanting to wear a sheer dress this season but aren't very daring then don't worry. On the high street there are dresses that have sheer panels and dresses that have sheer material continuing on from the dress. Perfect if you want a little more peek a boo to your outfits.

I love this trend, it's daring, sexy but also wearable and available on the hi street. Looks like summer gonna be a sheer one !