Friday, 6 September 2013

Mission Accepted

Recently I've experience having lots of focus and determination to get practising and get uni work done. Loving it. After not knowing what to expect from my first year at uni, looking back I know I could've done a few things better and I given the chance again I would approach them and complete them in very different ways.

This year, my second year, will be very different. I will look back at the projects given and be able to say "I did really well"  or "I'm proud of that". Work as hard as I can. Even in my spare time ill be practising designing, embroidery and sewing. Alexander McQueen didn't just float through. Chanel didn't say "oh we" when something didn't go her way. Thi isn't just a week long thing. It's a life long mission to be the best I can be. To make people proud. I want people to see my collection in the Graduate Fashion Show and think "he did it", "he proved us wrong". 

Let the fight to reach the top begin...