Sunday, 22 September 2013

We Need A Revolution

Don't get me wrong, I love the men's fashions trends that are out on the high street as much as the next style savvy guy but I do have to admit that it's getting a little bland now. Hashtags such as #mensfashion will bring up hundreds of the same look over and over again. The tailored suit, the broques and the quiff. It's a stunning look, very dapper, sexy and cool but I'm seeing it far too much and there's no variation or persanility in the looks! Men are becoming boring, or at least their clothing is. Walking down the street you can garrantee to see an over the top guy wearing what looks like should a be a women's outfit complete with foundation and Beatle Crushers! I'm all for the edgy and the fun, sure push the boundaries but remember that your a man. If you don't wear a bra then put the make up down and back away slowly. 

My style has changed a lot throughout collage and univeristy and I'm happy with where it is now. I'm more than happy to turn up to university in a pair of joggers, others would rather die than even consider the idea. Coincidentally I'm actually wearing joggers while writing this post. Comfy.

This isn't to say that I want every man to start living in joggers because then the world would just be chavy. I'm saying that we need a change. A new icon. A new look. The 2013/14 man.