Monday, 14 April 2014

My Favourite Collection

Recently I had a project at university set for me called Whimsical Wings. This project was based around the theme of anything that flies, from man made machines to natural animals. Although this project at first presented a challenge with design, I have to say that its my favourite collection I've ever designed for a project!

The original idea was to have the collection based on the theme of Leonardo Da Vinci. One of the most influential men of science in history. Artist, inventor mathematician and scientist this man was a master of all trades. However I wanted to make this project more quirky and fun. I instantly thought of one thing I was addicted to as a child. Dinosaurs! Feathered dinosaurs to be exact to be specific. this was the starting point.

I looked at colour, shape and species for my collection. After researching various species I finally chose the "missing link" in evolution. The Archaeopteryx. After extensive research I looked at WGSN for S/S 15 predicted trends and after drafting out designs my collection was born.

This is my Spring and Summer 2015 Collection: Archaeopteryx.