Tuesday, 3 June 2014


In a 7 days I am off to Malta for a week with JCI! (eeek!).  I'm going for the European Conference 2014. When  I'm there I will get to attend tons of training, listen to key note speakers and even take part in community projects too! I can not wait! This will be my first international event with JCI and I know its going to be amazing. In amongst the training I can also take part in scuba diving (definitely not missing that opportunity!) and there's also a Beach Better project too where the JCI delegates get a chance to clean up the sea bed and the beach to help the marine life of Malta! Wow! What a week this is going to be!

Now this is a style blog so I'll get to the fashion bit now. The JCI UK delegates are all going to wear British themed clothing throughout the conference. I scoured Primark and Ebay for the best deals and best garments to show JCI UK pride! I found braces, t-shirts and a pocket square but yesterday I attended JCI Time Management Training (Link for my blog post on the JCI website is below!) where I was given my delegate bag I bought which held more Britain themed stuff! A personalised polo shirt (love it), a flag, cuff links, JCI pin badges and a tote bag! Amazing!

(You can also find out more about JCI using the link)