Friday, 6 June 2014

Moulage & Betty Jackson!

One of my latest creations came in form of a university project. This was Moulage. The idea of this is to work directly on the stand with the fabric instead of creating paper patterns at the beginning. This was exciting. Prior to this I have never worked in this way. We had a session on the basics and then we ran with it. The garment that I created was the product of a few weeks practise and some quick designing. 

I finished the garment 3 week prior to the deadline so needless to say I was very happy. I had found the best way for me to make garments. I was quick and easily motivated by this process, more hands on to start with instead of taking endless measurements. This meant I could add finishing touches and details to the garment. This soon became my best garment to date in my opinion. Still is.

The best part of this project was that we had a visit form Betty Jackson! yes the Betty Jackson! After being nervous all day I tried to keep my cool as she walked through the room. Trying to make myself look busy with my garment when she stopped right next to me! "This is nice how are you going to do this?" that's when I realised she was talking to me! I answered her with how I would attach the details. My tutor was also there with her and she began explaining that I had found Moulage easy and I had found my feet with the process to which Betty Jackson said she also liked to work this way. "You know the first garment I made I completely forgot someone had to get their head into it, don't tell anyone that" she laughed smiled and walked off. Wow. A designer had praised my dress.

My week was complete with that. Here is the garment made out of white felt and paper nylon.