Tuesday, 4 November 2014

DVF and Fashion Bloggers

We all love TV right? Right? I know it's not just me that revels in those moments when you've sorted what you needed to for the day, worked hard and it's time for you to make a cup of tea, get some snacks and watch your recorded episodes of your favourite shows until bed.  E! has some great new shows lined up! One being
Fashion Bloggers which follows some big influential fashion bloggers from Australia. We see their job, their life and how the role as a fashion blogger works on the extreme level. Cool! This is a really cool how giving us an insight into their daily life and it also gives us little tips too for us bloggers! Not 100% sure if I wanted it to e slightly more grabbing though? More drama maybe? 

The second being the one that I couldn't wait for at all! The House of DVF! We get to see 8 girls try and become an international brand embassidor for fashion power house that is Diane Von Furstenberg! This show is funny, dramatic and it shows a little of how a label works and what roles need require what. Some of these do make me think "why would you do that", "don't be cocky" and "your ridiculous" but what do I know! 😉 One thing I love about this is actually Diane herself! She says it how it is, no frills and is a business woman that knows what needs to be done and how to do it. Fashion, drama and humour. What more could you want after a day at work! Just the food and tea (you have to provide those yourself though). 

What are your favourite shows on tv so far!? ✌️