Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Toast Magazine


It's out! Finally!

Do you remember when I talked about a new 'project' I had in the pipelines in my 2014 Review blog post? Yeah? Well with it being January then it's time to reveal it!

In Sheffield there is a magazine called Toast. A fantastic magazine covering everything Sheffield. It's a great travel sized magazine that you can update yourself for the whole month using and it just so happens that I now have a monthly column in it! I can't believe that I actually have my own monthly column! It's called Style Counsel with Ryan Pilkington.

Each month I will be giving you a fashion fix. For January it's all about coats and what you should look out for! With the next columns already being jotted down I can't wait for the next issue to come around! You can pick up Toast magazine in various cafe's, bars and stores in Sheffield so be sure to pick one up the next time your in the city! If you can't make it into Sheffield to have a read then check out Toast Magazine's website for the digital issue!

Thank you Toast Magazine! I can tick that off of my bucket list now!

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Remember to "Always Be Classic"!