Friday, 20 March 2015

The Primark Pick

So I recently visited a Primark store to scope out what jeans they had to offer, what prices and maybe try some on. 

This wasn't just a random occurrence though. No. Some of you may know that I am trying a 'new to me' style of jean. A jean that I haven't worn for years and you can find out about a Firetrap air I recently purchased if you scroll back a little on the blog. I wanted to see what Primark could do for me. I already know that Primark is known for its low, low prices so I thought that this was a great start. The fact being that I didn't want to buy an expensive pair of jeans only to go off them a few weeks/ months later. Where's with a pair from Primark it won't matter so much if I of because they didn't cost much. 

After a good old scope and after picking up countless pairs that were close to my side but wouldn't fit right I came across this pair. A slim fit jean. Slightly distressed, soft and the right length and fit. I love them. 

I know I've talked loads and loads of time before about fast fashion and why we should be investing in pieces that will last. I still believe that I really do. But we have to treat ourselves every so often right? There's nothing wrong with that. If we didn't the economy would be non existent. 

This pair cost me £15! Yes £15! What a steal and some of the other pairs were only £9! #itwouldberudenottoo!