Friday, 20 March 2015

90:10 - The Humble Signature

It's not just me that loves a good hoodie right? 

It seems that you can be searching for ages to find the right one for you. The fit, the fabric, the colour and the style. Sometimes it takes some not so great ones to find ones that work for us and suit us and our life styles. 

Different people have different requirements for hoodies but there is one requirement that is universal. Comfort. They have to be comfy. Otherwise whats the point in buying the hoodie? Thats where 90:10 come in. 

90:10 is a brand with humble beginnings. After the founder, Dan, had a conversation with his neighbour, Paul who worked in the clothing business, in a local pub about being grown up. Dan said "Fair enough mate...I don't disagree..,but when it comes to me having to accept that I'm now a grown up...I'll go to 90% but no higher..." This then carried on to become a T-shirt idea having 90:10 printed on. When people would ask what it stood for he would say that it meant 90% grown up...10% not. Thats how the brand was born. A simple talk with a friend. Nice right? 

90:10 now have a range of clothing including polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and of course T-shirts. I love the story as I think we never really fully grow up do we? We are always young at heart and I think thats important. 

Here I am wearing the 90:10 "Signature" Embroidered Pullover Hoodie in Azur Blue. Made form 100% natural cotton you can imagine how smooth this is to wear! People who know me will also know that I love being able to help the environment. I love signing petitions for the ocean, the forests and if I could afford it I'd adopt loads of animals so when I found out that the clothing is made environmentally friendly then I knew that it was right up my street.

I've hoodies from the not so cheap stores before and they have faded after a couple of washes and are frankly too heavy to even be comfy in. This is lightweight and fits the body just right. Not too tight and not too loose.  One of my favourite things about this hoodie is the fact of its simplicity. It's not over designed or over complicated. Its a simple blue colour, simply design and has the 90:10 logo embroidered on the left chest. Simple. Not fussy

Also do you know what? Its comfy! I mean REALLY comfy! 

You can read more on the 90:10 story and view the range here

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