Monday, 11 February 2013

Marina & The Diamonds

Welsh songstress Marina and The Diamonds creates fantastic music but also has amazing style. For her Electra Heart album she adopted the classic 1950's style with rollers, A lines, red lips and everything in between. This look created a very classic all American vibe to the album and her overall persona. The album and single covers matched this new look along with the music videos. The style was filled with pastel colours, strong lips and high heels. Ultra feminine but edgy because of the full on vintage look. Bows and knitwear helped give the softness that the look needs to be successful and girly these also help keep hair out of your face on a windy day they also make your face more prominent and show off your beauty. The garments that the style requires are the ever classic 1950's heart neckline dress, knitted cardigans and bra tops are a must. Imagine mixing summer prints and colours with knitwear and your on the right track. Try wearing heart prints, polka-dots and jewel prints to create a cute and luxurious look. The looks were topped off in sky high classic court heels in pinks, nudes and pastel colours along with classic rolled and curled blonde high hair, cat eyes and sexy red lips. Just like the stunning pin ups of the 50's. To add to the cuteness of the style Marina donned a small black love heart on her cheek. This has to be one of my absolute favourite celebrity styles. This woman knows what it takes to be feminine and a little edgy without taking it too far. This is one style that is better seen rather than read about! Enjoy the images. Amazing.