Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Urban Style

One of my favourite stores out there on the high street is Urban Outfitters. The men's fashion and the women's fashion is eclectic, vibrant and comical. Everything we like. Men's wear is a battlefield, you can't be too edgy without being "dodgy" or "weird" but I feel this store does it right. The style is edgy but manly. Sporty.

I noticed many staples in their garments. One of their wardrobe and style staples was the ever classic check shirt. This is one of my top things a man should have in their wardrobe. It works with everything and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. Urban outfitters layered theirs with soft jumpers and wool hats giving the mannequins a very preppy look. Another mannequin had a 1950's style bomber jacket over the top with black denim shorts. Amazing. Defiantly going to be layering my jumper with check shirts. I think I'll make mine more casual though and wear some joggers with them. 

The next was the basic tee. The main item in most men's wardrobe this classic had a few UO twists. The design team had used over sized tropical floral prints in blacks and oranges for strong contrasts. Tie dye and spots also had a strong print influence. Rolled sleeves and joggers hit a home run for me, I loved this style. Easy and simple to wear day to day. Perfect. They even had hit a micro trend that's recently hit the streets which is making designer labels comical. These two tee's had "Homies" (instead of Hermes) and Ain't Laurent (Yves Laurent)!! 

Over all I think Urban Outfitters have further shown me that great style can be so simple. Easy. Don't think about what to wear, just go with your instinct and style will come naturally.