Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pyjama Party!

After my menswear t-shirt success last week I decided that I wanted to continue practising with my sewing machines by making other mens garments. I have all week at home so that means I have nearly all day everyday this week to be sewing. Creating garments isn't my strongest point so I wanted my little 'projects' as I'm calling them, to be simple meaning that I could get better at the basics of sewing then develop further into the more intricate techniques later on. This resulted in me deciding to make mens pyjama pants! 

I looked in my collection of sewing books that I have stacked in my bedroom and tried to find out as much as I can about simple sewing clothing projects and found that in The Great British Sewing Bee book (that I forgot I own) there is a pair of mens pyjama pants with step by step instructions on how to make them. The next day I decided to go to the town market to buy three different fabrics so that I could make a mini collection of pyjama bottoms! I wanted cotton fabrics that had a beach vibe and a warm look to them. I purchased two gingham fabrics, 1 red and black and the other navy blue and dark green. The third is a very deep blue and black dog tooth print fabric. Each very soft and easy to work with. Easily my favourite fabric I've ever used. 

Before making the pyjamas I washed each fabric individually to make sure that when the finished garments are washed in the future that no colour will run and it also ensures that when the garments are washed in the future that the fabrics won't loose any shape. These have been my favourite mini project ever. Simple and I've ended up with something that I can actually wear afterwards! I think menswear may be the way forward for me! 

Ta Da! I present the Ryan Pilkington Sleep Tight range!