Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The First Stitch

Earlier this week I had decided that with the spare time I have now that I want to practice my sewing as this is my weakest part. I want to return to university more confident about making garments. One day I was out and about and thought I would pop in to the market to see what cheap and cheerful fabric was for sale and as luck would have it there were multiple colours of t shirt fabric such as cotton jersey. This was the same market that I bought cheap fabric from for college projects so the sales man was happy to give me an even cheaper price for the fabrics! I then set off home where the designing and creating would start!

My partner has been wanting me to make them something for a while now but I've never had the motivation or the skill to be able to, so I decided to make them a cowl neck t shirt. I used a grey cotton jersey for the cool neck and draw strings (added extra) and a deep berry purple for the main bodice and sleeves of the top. Sewing the shirt was great, no hiccups (apart from me sewing the cowl neck inside out by accident but no worries it's sorted now) and it became a success! I had drafted my own custom menswear bodice and sleeve blocks and made the top from scratch in an afternoon. Very happy with the final outcome. It made me very happy to see my partner wear my creation that night and the day after. It was a "I did that" moment for sure. I have even started a new t shirt for them yesterday! There's nothing stopping my now! 

Could this be the beginning of a new t shirt brand? Ryan Pilkington Creations?