Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Back To The Grunge

One of the major spring and summer 2013 trends for menswear is the 90's grunge trend. This trend takes a step down memory lane and revamps old styles and looks from everyone's favourite decade! This is a trend again (for the second time) is one of the best for spring and summer for men. It gives a real nostalgic feel to your look. 

With this trend try wearing acid wash jeans and check shirts for a grunge edge which is essential for this style. One of the most major trends in the 90's was tying a shirt or a jacket around your waist. This has now become a summer trend yet again for summer 2013. I have seen this at Sheffield TramLines festival and on the streets. This look is very easy going and casual. I will warn you that this trend requires very little outfit preparation. Do not plan your outfit bit by bit otherwise your look won't have the right feel to it and it will look contrived which is not what the 90's look is all about. Comfortable. Simple. Easy. Three words to describe this style. Add the grunge edge by wearing skinny jeans in black and extreme fades. Check shirts and stacked bracelets take a vital role. Tip: why not even try investing in 90's inspired knitwear that you can layer up next season! That way you can wear this trend into next season too! 

If your stuck for cash and think you can't afford to wear this trend then think again. You can recreate this style without spending a penny. Simply go through your clothes and think about the trend and you'll soon find clothes that fit. Then tie something long sleeved aground your waist and your set to go! 

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