Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jog On!

Summer is well and truly here! Finally. That means its time for trend after summer trend hitting stores, each giving us different looks and styles to suit every customer. I have looked at the menswear trends and one of my favourites is the sporty trend. This is a trend that for men and women comes around for summer every year. Recently I have being wanting a new bag, there's nothing wrong with the bag I had but it was becoming a dump where I just threw everything in it and it was getting too messy, so I bought a sporty overnight bag from Avon and its one of the best things I have bought in a long time. For £11 it's amazing, various pockets, navy blue in colour, handles and a shoulder strap! I love it.

Like the bag, the sports trend items go with basically anything you already own. Think varsity prints, sweaters, joggers and trainers. This trend can easily be turned "Chavy" but the trick is to not wear too many brands such as Adidas. Sure yeah wear some Adidas trainers but don't go full on head to toe with it. Think Americana. Casual and relaxed with bright colours. Numbers and logos make up a large part of this trend. Simple. We can all look sporty with this look even if we hated sports in school! 

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