Friday, 11 October 2013

Back To Basics

With fashion ever evolving and styles changing more than your underwear it's hard to keep up. Men's and women's fashion is getting more and more eclectic as time goes on. Jewellery and prints are taking over the stores and I think it's time for a chill pill. 

Months ago I was the type of person that had jewellery from Topman falling out of my ears. Spikes, knuckle dusters and chains earings were everywhere. No day without an eccentric accessory on. Nowadays it's easier. Calmer. More manly in a way. Men's fashion has turned quite feminine over the years and it's nice to see stores like H&M still fightin the fashion front with basic manly pieces. It seems I've replaced my jewellery with joggers, which are now one of my favourite pieces of clothing to wear ever, and it's great to be able to just throw something on and for it to fit well together without having to have an hour plannnng it before hand. 

H&M have created the Basic range for men. Simple colours such as grey, black and burgundy. Warm colours that suit any body. Easy. The key pieces include joggers, sweaters, vests and hoodies as well as the ver classic t-shirt. Every bit of this collection works together, no clashing and no working out to do about the matching colour scene. It's all done for you. This style will never clash with trends either. It's timeless and classic. 

So chill out, relax. Be simple and calm in what you wear. Be comfy in your clothes not suffering from dangerous looking accessories that could potentially take someone's eye out. Be a man.