Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Roaring Classic

The 1920’s.  Style had meaning in those days. Women were feminine and men were masculine. Silhouettes were curvy and classy. Not boxy and shapeless. The hips, the skirts, the bust and the fit. Each as important as the last. Making the woman. Making the icon.

Tailored garments were simple. Easy to wear. Timeless and chic. Eaton collars, scalloped hems and accentuated waists, fundamentals in the silhouette of the 1920’s jacket. I liked the idea that women made an effort in those day. Each day was a runway.  They made an effort for their husbands and worked hard to stay chic and fashionable. The classic two piece suit had been born in those days. Chanel and Dior had come in to their own. Making their names over the famous tweed suits and tiny waists. Contrasting piping was a nice touch I saw in old fashion photographs from the 1920’s.  White jackets with black piping. A simple detail that worked so well.  

Accessories such as hats and gloves were the finishing touches. Romantic and stunning these were the days off chic. The days of the woman. When men were gentlemen.  Men’s fashion followed the same ideas of being classic, simple and chic. Two piece and three piece suits were keyThe men new how to dapper.  The term dapper was born in these days. Again nothing was too much effort. They made an effort for their wives. Timeless style. Walking canes, brief cases, hats, gloves and moustaches were staples in the gentle-man’s wardrobe. 

Let's revive the vintage. Let's revive the roaring 20's!