Monday, 18 November 2013

The McQueen Skull

10 years ago an icon was born. An icon and a symbol that would become signature. The Alexander McQueen skull scarf. For the 10th anniversary the label have teamed up with Damien Hirst to produce a limited edition capsule collection. The collection is made up of 30 scarves, each feature an intricate and beautiful pattern artwork adapted from Damien Hirst's entomology series. The skull has epitomised the McQueen label and has been incorporate into various designs by the designer including the ever famous knuckle duster clutch bag. 

Damien Hirst and the late Alexander McQueen both have fascinations with skulls and the natural world so the collection doesn't feel forced or un-natural. There is a contradiction that in the prints that works perfectly in a way to show the collaboration and also as statement of memory to McQueen. Butterflies feature heavily in the pattern and some actually create the skull image. Beauty and death. Stunning. Giving a nod to the butterflies that McQueen used in various collections. 

The collection perfectly sums up the the artist and the label. Subtle but show stopping. I personally would like to see what Alexander McQueen would do with the prints in womenswear garments. I wonder what other collaborations the Alexander McQueen label will have next in line for is!