Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Asos way

Asos. A place where fashion brands meet and style is born online. This company has been a fashion favourite with budding stylist and designers alike for years now and its easy to see why. With menswear its easy to find clothing that's basically the same as everywhere else on the high street and quite soon every guy you see looks more or less the same with maybe a bigger beard or with a hat. Boring. But what if there was a place where we could shop various brands from high street to designer and create our own unique look all in one go! Say hello to Asos!

I love the basic essentials at the minute and for me there are pieces that definitely need to be in a guys day to day wardrobe. Here is three for example: The simple hoodie, a simple plain black t shirt and skinny jeans. Basic and simple but interchangeable and effortless style. The idea being that you can look great without even having to try hard! Everyone's dream!

Here are my Asos picks for the men's essentials!

I love rolling my black skinny jeans up a little bit then pairing with sneakers or high tops! This is great for day and night time outfits and can never go wrong! Pair your skinnies with a great fun printed T shirt and a few wristbands. Have fun with your print! Be wild, fun and wacky! No limits!
 A denim jacket in a contrasting shade to your jeans works a treat! For me I have classic black skinny jeans so I love to wear these with my light wash denim jacket for a bit of classic rock style with high tops and wristbands! Whats great with a denim jacket is that you can wear it with anything in your wardrobe! dress it up or dress it down. Do double denim! Layer up in winter with a hoodie underneath!

Be Creative with your essential picks! Don't be scared to mix and match your picks to create completely unique fun outfits!
What will you choose? Who knows you may even find a completely new look!