Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Bow Tie

I have always loved the idea of the gentleman. To be the man that you see from the 20's. Suited and booted with class to spare. The style that screamed class, sophistication and maturity. This was the man that you see in the black and white  movies where he surprises his love with roses as the train leaves. Ahh. Romantic. 

Ok yes that 9 times out of 10 doesn't happen in real life unfortunately. However that doesn't mean we modern day men can't take a bit of style inspiration from the men of yesterday. 

Vintage has blown up recently and is only getting bigger. I love the idea of clothes telling a story and it's us that add to that story by wearing those clothes. You may not want to have to dress in a full suit everyday but just a few accessories does add a bit off class to you look and help you stand out for the crowd! 

My favourite vintage accessory so far is the bow tie! I own two vintage and one modern. Recently I've taken to wearing then casually with a modern casual shirt or a polo shirt. Love it. Other accessories you could look to are hats or even shoes! 
Roll up you skinny jeans and pair with a set of vintage brown brogue shoes! 

Be the gentleman you've always wanted to be!