Monday, 4 August 2014

Yves Saint Laurent

Recently I have watched the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) French fashion film. After starting up my own fashion label nearly 4 weeks ago I was super excited to look at how a fashion world icon like YSL started and what it was like to get to the top.

This film was amazing. I love a good fashion film anyway but one of my absolute favourites is Coco Before Chanel. That film really inspired my at a time when fashion wasn't my friend and I had lost a lot of my drive for the industry. So all in all this film about Yves had a lot to live up to. Boy did it. It shows the journey that Yves Saint Laurent endured in order to make his own designer label become a household name. Yves saint Laurent in 1957 being the age of 21 became the head of fashion giant Dior. Designing a collection in 1958 that almost certainly saved the enterprise from financial ruin with a softer version of Dior's New Look.

After creating collections for Dior Yves Saint Laurent then was in the military for 20 days before the stress of hazing by soldiers caused his check-in at a military hospital where he then received news that he had been fired by Dior! After being released from the hospital Yves then sued the house of Dior for breech of contract and won. Then he along with his partner, industrialist Pierre Berge started their won fashion house. The YSL label was born. The fashion house grew from strength to strength becoming the first couturier to come out with a full ready-to-wear line of clothing.

There are loads more to this story and I wont be revealing anymore! The movie is a sure fire definite must watch film. Romantic, exciting, inspirational, shocking and of course stylish at all times. This film and the YSL story has showed me that no matter what age you are your never too young to be great but always be careful what comes your way on your path to greatness. I will always rely on the people closest to me to make sure I make the right decisions and help me realise the dream I have. Always learning, growing and developing. This story has opened my eyes.

Just wait until the Ryan Pilkington film!