Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hi everyone!

I know the posts have been a little sparse lately with the setting up and running of my new business so I thought I would give you all an update from the world of Ryan Pilkington!

Last week was a week full of production for the first official clients bespoke evening wear order. A blue silk crepe de chine and lace dress with a sweet heart neckline, bejewelled belt and sash. I have loved being able to pattern cut and produce one of my own official designs for a client instead of creating a garment for a university project that will never be actually worn by anyone. Knowing that this dress will be worn and loved by someone gives me a sense of pleasure. The dress will go from being loved and cared for every step in the production to being loved again by a client.

I've also started my Digital High Street Skills Training at The Source Meadowhall where I learn, in 3 modules, how to use the ever powerful social media for my business! The first module was last Wednesday and the next is tomorrow! All very exciting! The nerd in me loves the workbook and hand outs we get! (Actually to be fair I'm a complete nerd anyway)

Finishing off the other bits of the week was full of designing, promotion and the admin for the brand too. Its all go, go, go but It'll all be worth it!

Till next time guys! Ill be sure to keep you updated on the next steps for the Ryan Pilkington name! The highs and the lows! Join this journey with me!