Thursday, 14 August 2014


Hello guys!
Today was all about growing. Through out collage and university I collect loads of fabrics and they are all stored and forgotten about...Until now! Today I wanted to be proactive with these fabrics and put them to some use...

Iron, ironing board and load of fabrics ready I got my measuring tape, string and sheers to hand and started to create mixed patchwork fabric bundles that are now on sale on the Ryan Pilkington store now live on! Exciting! These bundles are perfect for quilting, patchwork, sewing, embroidery and anything else you like! each bundle comes with 16 9.5cm squares! A mix of prints and fabrics to ensure a great time and a little surprise!

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these bundles and I know everyone who buys them will be bound to have a great time with them! Be sure to check out the Etsy store today and always check back with more products from Ryan Pilkington coming soon!

Etsy Store: RPBespoke

Enjoy everyone! Until next time! Time to get some deseigns created and launched now!