Monday, 18 August 2014

The First

Hello again!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and that going back to work isn't too bad! With this blog post I want to give you all an update and a look in to the latest collection being designed here at Ryan Pilkington!

Recently with orders being placed for evening wear I have had opportunities to look more into one of my favourite parts of the fashion world. Evening wear and haute couture. Designers like Elie Saab are my favourites. Always stunning, feminine and classic. I love seeing the details, the silhouettes and fabrics. As you'll soon find out "classic is my favourite word".
"Classic is my favourite word"

I wanted to use this information and growing interest a little more and design a small capsule collection of 8 looks and this would become the first collection officially designed for the Ryan Pilkington brand/business! Very exciting! With the collection, that's in the works now, I wanted to design looks that are classic, unique and sexy. It's no secret that the colour black is like the sword in the stone for fashion. Loved by all, this colour is the main colour for the collection. Dark, mysterious, intriguing and sexy this colour said everything I wanted with this collection.

Along the silhouette lines fort he collection I wanted simple elegance. No fussiness, nothing that was overworked or too flashy. This collection is more a celebration and a look into simplicity. The form of the female body and the classic chicness of letting just the shape of the woman and the fall of the fabric  do the talking. No distractions. Following along with those key points for the collection in mind I thought of fabrics. Silk is classic, falls beautifully and slides on the skin. This was the first obvious choice and then came lace. Lace is a cheeky fabric I find. The idea that your still wearing a piece of fabric however around 80% of it is sheer. Covered but exposed at the same time. Add black, silk and lace together and this is the foundations for the Black Classics Collection by Ryan Pilkington.

Check out the looks so far and find out more information along with new looks and more on the official Facebook page for Ryan Pilkington