Sunday, 24 August 2014

Fashion Takes a Look On Society

Hi everyone!

In todays society everything is fast paced. Social media is the new, easiest and biggest way to connect to people and nowadays people are often juggling around 3 things at once. With money being tight meaning people purses and wallets are tighter than ever fashion needed to take a stand to keep people interested in buying products.

Since the 2000's branding on garments has been massive and designers have taken to this to make clothing sell. Back in the good old days garments didn't have large branded logo's on to make people pay attention. Back then clothing stood for itself. The pure beauty of the clothing made enough of a statement. However, I digress, times are different now and people love seeing brands. The world is full of them! Coca Cola is recognised by 98% of the worlds population! People love to show off what brands they have on, often these are the brands that have a little bigger price tags. This is the reason people love to show them off, show what they've paid and how much money they can afford to pay for luxuries such as fashion.

This season Jeremy Scott for Moschino took this to another level with branded fashion. For their Fall 2014 show the brand took inspirations from major recognised brands such as McDonalds and SpongeBob! Fun, loud and wacky all spring to mind when I think of this show. The looks literally spoke for themselves, colours, logos and accessories all shouting what brand the looks inspiration was. Dresses with the McDonalds Golden Arch on them, black boots, skirts etc with large gold Moschino straps and even coats with a big Spongebob face smiling at you! This has to be the most fun fashion show I've seen for a long time! Definitely check this out! The looks may seem very loud but if we look at the pieces separately then these could look stunning paired with simple garments.

This was the brands way to look at hat society is. Since life is so branded we may as well dress as the brands we love. Fast fashion. Fast and branded just like life.

Check out the video here:

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