Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Oh Chanel!


Now I don't know if its just me or does fashion power house Chanel never disappoint? Inside that Chanel house there must be secret gold dust that Mr Largerfeld sprinkles onto each look of each collection before it goes out. Season after season Chanel has never let me down. Always something new, exciting and unexpected from the label.

Spring and summer 2014 brought us the 'arty' looks with fabrics in paint brush prints, colourful woven and beaded fabrics to make up a 90 look collection that was fun, loud and interesting. Each look had hidden details that you didn't notice the first time around. The set was stunning as always from the house. The venue was transformed in to a large art gallery with large Chanel logo's recreated in various media and the famous No5 bottle being recreated in marble. Amazing. The models even followed the theme through with the accessories with some of the models carrying clipboards and paintbrushes!

Chanel Spring 2014 - I adore this print

Autumn and winter 2014 Chanel brought the supermarket to the fashion lovers. The shelves were stocked with 100,000 mock branded Chanel food products!  Long coats, mixed and matched prints and textures and Chanel this time followed the trainer trend that has been huge for the past few seasons. This trend fro me isn't great or I'm at least in the fence with it. Not being the most sporty person ever I cant say I can do the trend much justice but I'm not a fan of women wearing this trend. On men done properly with some skinny jeans and a great jumper in a cool print or texture then I think it works a treat but on women I like to see more feminine shoes like the classic heel. Not chunky metallic trainers. Chanel lost a mark because of this for me so it gets a 9/10. However what's interesting to see is that even a major fashion house has to follow the street trends to be able to sell products and make profit. Designers now are having to design to sell not design to make art. If they make art that sells then they've hit the bulls eye.
Chanel | Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection | Style.comChanel, Ready-to-wear, Fall/Winter 2014-2015|79. That purse and those gloves!!!
As you can see Chanel has made me fall in love with it all over again this year in fashion and I cant wait to see what will come next from the worlds biggest fashion house!

Check out videos here:

Spring summer 2014
Fall winter 2104

Until next time! Remember to Always Be Classic!