Friday, 26 December 2014

Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes

Suede is something that I've gotten into recently.

I've always liked how suede things looked but I didn't ever make the move to invest in thing such as suede shoes as I never felt my style would ever suit them or compliment them. Until now. As of late I have become somewhat obsessed with the idea of the gentleman. The man that is always dapper, suave, with class and a way with words. Anyway, before we all start day dreaming about the perfect gentleman we should actually get on and talk about what this blog post is actually about!

Suede. In particular some new blue suede and leather shoes that were a christmas gift. These shoes had actually been on my radar for a while as I first saw then on Pinterest and instantly loved them without even knowing that they were from Topman! This all coming together one shopping trip and being very excited by the fact that they were in store!

With the front of the shoes being a blue suede and the back being a blue leather these shoes to me say vintage gentleman's style paired with contemporary styling. A leather strap that runs around the top of the shoe fastens with a buckle. Wooden heels showing quality, durability and style overall.

I love these shoes. These worn with some stretch skinny jeans, a fitted shirt and a fitted blazer. Amazing. Dapper one may say! 
Now all I have to do is get Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis out of my head!

Hope you all had a very merry christmas!
Remember to "Always Be Classic"!