Monday, 22 December 2014

The Year of the Suit

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When I think back through the course oaf the year and I reflect on the various styles that have come and gone in mens fashion theres one thing that I think definitely stands out as this year biggest fashion hit. On fashion blogs, on the amazing photo site Pinterest and on the streets there was no way to escape the Dapper trend this year!

This year was the year of the rebirth of the gentleman. I love it when there's a chance to be a little more dressed up and when the term "dress to impress" comes into it's own. This year thanks to this trend I have seen my own personal style change little by little and become slightly more understated and basic. Especially through the latter end of the year. 

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Navy slim fit 2 button single breasted suit with narrow peak lapel and scoop neck waistcoat to purchase £645 for a 3 piece suit. Shown here in navy mohair

I've done away with the accessories and focused more on the actual garments to make the statement by just being there. Paired with each other to make a simple and classic look. Don't get me wrong I do still love a good accessory but I won't look at rings or necklaces now. Instead I now love a good time piece (love those words "time piece", so classy). 

Now this doesn't mean that I'm saving up for a designer suit that cost £2,000 anytime soon at all! Nor does it mean that I am going to exclusively wear two and three piece suits. It's no secret that my favourite thing in my wardrobe are my black stretch skinny jeans from River Island. But I want to try wearing a suit jacket causally with my jeans. Then we will see if a nice pair of trousers comes into play anytime soon too!

As a colour and style this is nice but that jacket is way to short Tweed suit. Burgundy accessories.