Friday, 19 December 2014

Update 1.0 !


Christmas is getting closer and closer and I have big ideas for my brand! As a blogger and also as a designer! 

Recently I've taken on a role on my council team for my local chamber of Junior Chamber International (JCI) as Communications Director! Very very excited and happy to be doing this role as I love this organisation with all of my heart! 

You may be wondering that my mentioning this to you is a little random but it has a purpose in this post! Thanks to this role I have developed my Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills which means I have learnt how to make things change colour, change models arms etc and how to make banners for Facebook and websites! With more skills being learnt daily! These are the things that I need to be learning and things I need to know for when it comes to the time for when I need all of the media exposure that I can get to promote my brand! 

Thanks to my links with Meadowhall I also have a new 'project' which I will be updating you guys on very soon! (1st Jan to be precise)! Cant wait at all! 

The next thing is that I will be putting my very first printed advert in a theatre programme for a show at at local theatre in Sheffield! Very excited and can't wait to see my name in the programme! Sneak peek below! I feel that I'm starting to see things happen now. With new garments being made and designs being thought of all the time theres only one way to go now. That up! 

Watch this space! Watch the story of RP! 
Remember the name Ryan Pilkington! 

(that was a little big headed I know....oh well!)